The power of connectivity in corporate communications

The growth of social and digital media has led to new communities finding their voices and challenging businesses’ licence to operate – directly influencing corporate reputation and strategy.

As a result you no longer own your own brand.


All too often, stakeholder and brand communications don’t tell a joined up story – there is an inconsistency in corporate messages, a lack of vision, differing points of view leading to confusion, sceptism and lack of trust.

Consumer trust in business is at an all time low. Only 1 in 3 consumers trust large corporates.

We want to help change this!


Those businesses succeeding in driving long-term profitable growth and value are engaging in dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders on issues within and outside their direct control and reporting on these.

They have found a voice that resonates.

They have a clear purpose – they are building trust.

At Instinctif, we know that when a business succeeds in connecting their brand, business and sustainability communications we believe it helps build differentiation, reputation and engagement amongst stakeholders.


It works by aligning and integrating your corporate strategies to clearly communicate your whole corporate story – not just a part of it.

Better integration and unity of a company’s sustainability practices and financial decision-making is critical to building trust amongst business critical stakeholders and driving long-term growth.

Corporate connectivity is also a key driver for future business fitness.


Because every business is different our approach has to reflect that.

We work in partnership with each client to effect change.

We assess issues and challenges in the context of their business landscape to develop a tailored programme.



  • Diagnostic ‘gap analysis’ of business, brand and CSR communication strategies, consistency and clarity of messages
  • Creation and development of integrated business model


  • Research and insight
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategy and message development
  • Corporate reporting – writing, designing and production for annual and sustainability reports
  • Addressing the non-financial KPIs
  • CSR / sustainability positioning


  • Research and insight
  • Brand strategy – the big idea
  • Vision, mission and values
  • Positioning
  • Identity
  • Employee engagement