Touchstone Innovations

Aligning vision and brand

Touchstone Innovations (formerly Imperial Innovations) is a leading UK technology commercialisation company, investing in pioneering technologies developed from outstanding academic research.

As their business has developed, the ‘Imperial Innovations’ name and brand no longer reflected the diversity of their activities.

Instinctif Partners were engaged to create a brand that:

  • Maintained the company’s heritage
  • Was forward looking, and
  • Created a sustainable platform for growth and reflected their evolving investment across the entire Golden Triangle region (Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and Imperial universities)

The new name was derived from the stone that was formerly used to test the purity of gold. The definition of a touchstone is ‘a standard by which something is judged or recognised’ which has positive connotations with the company’s business. The name was chosen to represent quality, judgement, knowledge and intelligence, as well as benchmarking and perspective.

The colours within the logo were derived from the ‘Golden Triangle ‘universities’ brands, representing the company’s proud heritage.


We have developed the brand positioning to clearly articulate their strategy and ambitions, and are continuing to develop the company’s reputation as a clear leader in its field.