New branding for a world leader

Alrosa is the world’s leading diamond producer.

Instinctif Partners works with Alrosa across the range of its corporate communications, including its brand, corporate reporting and online activities. We were challenged to refresh their identity and brand to better communicate the Company’s positioning, while maintaining their heritage. The updated brand takes visual cues from their past as well as a more modern look and feel that demonstrates their position as a market leader at the cutting edge of the mining industry.


We have planned, created and implemented the Company’s new website, with particular emphasis on key messaging relating to its objectives, strategy and business model and how the Company plans to create sustainable value. We produced interactive graphics showing the history of Alrosa’s diamond mining and production process using parallax functionality ,bringing to life their business in a simple and effective format.

Alrosa_3840x2160_iphone_isometric_view_black Alrosa_3840x2160_responsiveAlrosa_3840x2160_3in1

The Company’s new branding and website promoted their positioning and emphasised Alrosa’s status as a world leader and their commitment to running a responsible and sustainable operation.